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Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

This life seems like we are in the middle of a bridge. We cannot see what is ahead. We glance back and it is as cloudy as before us.

I like to think I’ve got heavy boots. I feel like so much has happened to me in the past, but then I look around. I see the people around me dealing with death, health, sadness abounding. I do not have the heavy boots.

Work has been slow lately. Many of my favorite people are gone.
My favorite Chuck who always got a “Chuck Special,” consisting of six shots in hot water with light ice. He liked his Americano strong. Chuck is back in Michigan. Reunited with his wife. I am sure he is overjoyed to be home with his true love.
My Brian is traveling onward. He is now in California missing the Utah springtime.
My Earl Grey Tea, and a Fritter is somewhere south. Gary, he called himself, has moved on too. He would laugh with me abotu how desperately he needed a hair cut. I miss that white washed hair, and warm smile.
The girls are all a little melancholy. Stephanie, our dear friend leaves us this week.
Come Monday Stephanie will be reunited with her huband who she loves with all her heart. Ashleigh and I are sad.

Leaving seems to be the trademark of my life latelty. Everyone goes, and no ones lingers. Sad, though it may be, I am ever grateful forthe happiness change brings.
Stephanie will leave, but her happiness makes the pain minute compared.

I don’t have the heavy boots. I look around and see the happiness in this world, and I am happy too.
Although like can seem like a bridge with no clear view of where we are going it is worth it.
I see the light.
I see the joy.

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