It’s a bittersweet week. The lead at the coffee shop is moving on, moving up. She’s taking a huge step forward. We’re all proud, and wish her well. It’s this bittersweet that resonates inside us all. We are dreaming that we’ll be as lucky as she is.

I have to admit that I’m a little more bitter than sweet. This barista has trained me, coached me, and molded me into a capable barista, and an even more capable adult.

When I started at the coffeeshop this barista didn’t really like me. I wasn’t grown into my shoes yet. She befriended me anyway and has taught me a lot about friendship. She’s taught me about being a strong person and how to stand up for myself. She’s taught me that I’m important and that I deserve the best. She’s taught me all about myself and I couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s bittersweet to watch her take a step in her life, but I couldn’t be more happy for her.

Shout out- I love you AshMash!

It’s those people you never expect that end up meaning the most.


About Kelly R. Storts

Opinions, ideas, and thoughts make up who most of my identity. These things are fluid. I am constantly changing and growing, and learning who I am. Through writing down experiences with dating, loving, crying, breaking I just might become a better person. I remember listening to stories of love, life, and all the bubbles when I was younger. Those stories made me eager to have stories to tell myself. Hopefully writing the little that I know down I can help someone else find their fluid identity.
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