It’s a bittersweet week. The lead at the coffee shop is moving on, moving up. She’s taking a huge step forward. We’re all proud, and wish her well. It’s this bittersweet that resonates inside us all. We are dreaming that we’ll be as lucky as she is.

I have to admit that I’m a little more bitter than sweet. This barista has trained me, coached me, and molded me into a capable barista, and an even more capable adult.

When I started at the coffeeshop this barista didn’t really like me. I wasn’t grown into my shoes yet. She befriended me anyway and has taught me a lot about friendship. She’s taught me about being a strong person and how to stand up for myself. She’s taught me that I’m important and that I deserve the best. She’s taught me all about myself and I couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s bittersweet to watch her take a step in her life, but I couldn’t be more happy for her.

Shout out- I love you AshMash!

It’s those people you never expect that end up meaning the most.


About Kelly R. Storts

A name is so specific, and yet so general. I am a Kelly. There are many Kelly’s in this overwhelming world. I am Kelly, and I am from Dallas. I am sure that there are thousands of Kelly’s from Dallas. Names mean so much to people. Names tend to define people through the origin, spelling, the handwriting. I am Kelly Brianne, but it’s not my name that sets me apart. I am a swirl, a twist of emotions. I enjoy classical music and a pounding of rock. When I feel love my entire being starts to shake, and like Peter Pan, I feel my skin glow. I revolve around helping people. My strengths are my greatest weaknesses. I love love, and I love others in love. I love to write, read and share my writing with all the interesting people I meet. I may be a Kelly from Dallas, but I am my own Kelly.
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