Why Not?

The constant slam from customers gets really redundant. Let me give you a taste of my every morning.

“Good morning,” I say trying to fight off the sleep in my eyes.

“Grande Black.” The man said with his still in disarray, and his eyes looking worse for wear.

On to the next.

“Good morning,” I try again brushing off the fact that I only slept 6 hours in the last two nights. This lady looks nice. Her attire is clean, and she’s got make up on already. Morning person?

“Good Morning, How are yew?” She doesn’t pause, “I want a Trenta Iced Green Tea. No sweetna, ya hear?” Her East coast drawl skipped right over me.

People, I address you as a friend, I have to tell you. This is the rudest thing to do.


It is rude.

Moving on.

“Hello Sir, how are you today?” I brush off the other guests and smile with hope that this middle aged, graying man will answer my question.

“Stop being so cheery. It’s too early for that.” He said, he was probably meaning to be funny. I must say, NOT FUNNY. “I need my coffee. Tall Americano no room.” I try to ignore that I haven’t had coffee. I never have coffee. I know you can function, and be polite without. I do it every morning.


“Good Morning, Ma’am.” I say as a woman approaches the counter. She is wearing her pajamas still. I can tell this one won’t be the happiest guest.

I wait for a reply. Keep waiting.
“How are you today?” I move on understanding that I’m not going to get a reply.

She keeps starring past me with her dull brown eyes looking at the holiday menus behind me. She has long brown hair that is tangled on the right side of her head. She looks haggard. Very haggard.

I keep waiting.

Moving on. I got sick of waiting.

Two gentlemen come in speaking to one another about some business venture. This is typical of these types. Walking suits. They are probably on their merry way to a lovely work meeting.

“Hello Gentlemen, how are y’all doing today?” I say with a little Texas.

They continue to talk to one another. They keep talking over each other. We’ve got a one-upper, I think to myself. Men like this drive me crazy.

They don’t look at me when they order two Venti Cappuccinos. One turns to me and says, “No foam on mine.”

I try not to scoff.

“Sir,” I try to get his attention whilst pausing as I write on the cup. “Sir?” He still doesn’t stop talking as he looks at me finally. “The cappuccino is half foam, half steamed milk with shots of espresso. Would you rather a Latte?” I ask politely as my Mama taught me.

“Whatever you think Sugar.” He continues his important conversation.

I ring them up and have one of the walking suits sign the check.

He adds an extra $3.00 tip. I hate the concept of this. I hate the fact that people that treat you like you don’t exist think it makes it better when they throw you money.

Excuse me, Sir? I think I’m worth a hell of a lot more than $3.00. Thanks, but no thanks. Ass.  And don’t call me Sugar. I am not you’re Sugar.


Need I go on?

People, I address you as a friend again, I don’t mean to chastise, but enough is enough. Let’s all take a minute to recognize the people in our lives that we take for granted every day.

Me. A barista at a common coffee shop. I am just a girl that lives on Red Bull and the therapy of paper and pen. I am just a girl away from home trying to make the best of this life. I am just a girl working regardless of the circumstance.

I am just a girl, but I matter to a lot of people.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the kid at McDonalds with the bad acne. He’s just a student, and his mom doesn’t make enough money to buy him a car. He likes getting out of the house, and working. It helps him forget that he is a nobody. Why not be the person that smiles and reminds him that he a has a beating heart?

Let’s take a moment to recognize that hostess that sat you down at the table you requested in a restaurant down the street. She’s working for the extra cash, and trying to help her young husband pay the bills. She’s working for the health benefits. Little did you know that she’s pregnant when you told her that your experience was not “up to par” and that you would like to speak to her manager. Why not be the person that reminds her that it’s not a lost cause? Why not give those hormones a little hope?

Let’s take a moment to recognize that teacher that gets barely 4 hours of sleep a night. She’s got 7 kids and a hard working husband. Money has never grown on trees for this beautiful mother. This woman works hard for the green that she earns and every penny she makes she spends on her three young boys, and her brand new grandbaby. Why not be the students t that says thank you for staying late so many nights for me to get that extra work in? Why not be the student that reminds her that she’s making a difference?

I know you are all thinking of someone you could recognize and say thank you to during this holiday season. Can I challenge you to do it?

Why not? I have to ask you. Why the hell not?

Let’s be the people that make others feel appreciated. Let’s be the people we want to encounter.


About Kelly R. Storts

Opinions, ideas, and thoughts make up who most of my identity. These things are fluid. I am constantly changing and growing, and learning who I am. Through writing down experiences with dating, loving, crying, breaking I just might become a better person. I remember listening to stories of love, life, and all the bubbles when I was younger. Those stories made me eager to have stories to tell myself. Hopefully writing the little that I know down I can help someone else find their fluid identity.
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