Romanticized and Overeager

I’m back in Utah. I have been for a while now.

Have you noticed that I tend to romanticize everything? Even a regular cup of joe.

I think I may have romanticized this place into some mystical, magical life. If that were true, wouldn’t I feel happier living here? But I’ve been here for 4 months and I am unimpressed.

In retrospect, I guess I wasn’t unhappy in Texas with my family… I was eager. Eager to see what more life had to offer. Eager to fall in love with someone new. Eager to see more of who I really am. Eager. Eager. Eager.

I’ve been going going going for the last 10 months. Maybe it’s time I stop romanticizing and start looking, seeing, tasting.

I read a quote yesterday that struck me.

YOU ARE A PERISHABLE ITEM. Live accordingly.

How often we live in a daydream state waiting for the next big thing to happen. Waiting for the guy to show up. Waiting for our next paycheck. Waiting for that promotion. Waiting for that exotic vacation. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


I am perishable. I am not made to wait. I am made to live. To run. To see. To taste. To climb. To grow. To play. To be. 

Let us not go to waste waiting on romantic notions of an unrealistic life to take place. Utah might not be some mystical, magical place, but it is where I am. And this is where I want to be. So, here’s to making the best of it.




About Kelly R. Storts

Opinions, ideas, and thoughts make up who most of my identity. These things are fluid. I am constantly changing and growing, and learning who I am. Through writing down experiences with dating, loving, crying, breaking I just might become a better person. I remember listening to stories of love, life, and all the bubbles when I was younger. Those stories made me eager to have stories to tell myself. Hopefully writing the little that I know down I can help someone else find their fluid identity.
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